Opening ceremony

Monday 16th at 20:00
Aeroklub, Uzun Mirkova 4/II
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This event is open to all participants and is complimentary.Aeroklub
Join your colleagues for this amazing networking event at Aeroklub. Take advantage of this relaxed atmosphere to meet with colleagues from around the world. Start collaborations, strengthen relationships and discuss the challenges in neurotology field, whilst overlooking the skyline of Belgrade with a beautiful dinner and wonderful entertainment.

Welcome drink

Sunday 15th at 21:00
Jazz Basta, Male stepenice 1a (Karađorđeva 43)
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jazz-basta-2Come join us for drinks and meet other colleagues and lecturers at Jazz Basta. Experience the beauty and magnificence of jazz, while it reproduces and amplifies the sounds, moment after moment, in ways that speak directly to your heart and ears as no other music does while relaxing with colleagues in a gorgeous garden ambient. Included in this event is one free welcome drink. These friendly and relaxing drinks will be on Sunday April 25th, the night before the start of the Belgrade Balance Forum, will last from 20:00 to 22:00. We hope to see you here.

Closing dinner

Tuesday 17th at 20:00
Reka restaurant, Kej Oslobodjenja 73b, Zemun
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rekaJust as welcomes are important, a proper goodbye is essential. After two days of neurotology we invite you to our final welcome dinner. The resteraunt Reka lies beside the river Dunav giving its guests a relaxing night with exquisite food. The price of admission is 20 euros per person and will be organized April 25th. Come join us for a proper farewell.